Enjoy It While You Still Can

There has been some hype recently regarding the fact that Honda secured their 100th Moto GP win in the modern four stroke era. This is certainly a milestone worth noting and I congratulate them on it. I have no doubt that they shall pretty soon also be racking up many more wins via a certain Marc Marquez and his amazing talent.

  • vydáno: 10.7.2014
  • autor: Stephen Edwards

Moto Insurance Rip-Off

This is my fourth attempt at writing this column, as it is a difficult topic to cover without getting carried away. It’s insurance that I am talking about and if I was to condense all of my previous thoughts and words into a single sentence then it is this: “We are being ripped off by the Czech insurance companies”

  • vydáno: 25.3.2014
  • autor: Stephen Edwards

Virtual online life vs. motorcycles

Internet check in for flights, on line shopping, home banking, medical results sent to your PC from your doctor, social media, even DNA testing by post and the list goes on. So what do these things have in common?

  • vydáno: 30.7.2013
  • autor: Stephen Edwards

Future from Barcelona

There can be little doubt that, as motorcycle enthusiasts, we don't really live in the best part of the world to enjoy our passion on a year round basis. This is illustrated better than ever by this years winter, which just does not seem to want to go away.

  • vydáno: 5.4.2013
  • autor: Stephen Edwards

Harley Davidson, MotoGP and more

I was having a quick look through the Harley Davidson model line-up for 2013 and what caught my eye was something not there, rather than what is. It would appear that the XR1200 has been dropped from the range and I, for one, find that to be a pity.

  • vydáno: 30.9.2012
  • autor: Stephen Edwards

Idiots, Chinese and BMW

It’s been a while since I was able to write but you all know how it is with work, family and generally just trying to keep everything together. So sorry for the delay to those who actually read this!

  • vydáno: 5.8.2012
  • autor: Stephen Edwards

Hibernating over winter?

Winter is not generally a busy time in the motorcycle world and as such most of us will have turned our thoughts to other more appropriate past times, since last years season ended. There has, however, been a few things going on in the industry that have been noteworthy since the weather turned cold.

  • vydáno: 28.3.2012
  • autor: Stephen Edwards

Of Bikes and Men

Can someone please tell me where the year has gone? It feels like no time at all since the riding season started and we were enjoying some warmth on the bike yet this moring the prospect of early morning ice on the roads was very real. ...

  • vydáno: 30.10.2011
  • autor: Stephen Edwards

Motorcycle Season 2011 Kicks Off

There are many plus points to living in the Czech Republic, one being the marvelous outdoor activities available throughout the year. As much as I enjoy a bit of skiing, or playing with my kids in the snow, I was quite delighted when winter finally left us a few weeks back. ...

  • vydáno: 8.5.2011
  • autor: Stephen Edwards pro

Before the season starts

This winter seems to have gone on for ever and whilst I have been riding, the old bones would welcome a bit of warmth. There are signs that spring is not so far away, the very fact that there is daylight at this time of the morning being one. ...

  • vydáno: 14.3.2011
  • autor: Stephen Edwards

What's In A Name?

In the corporate world companies invest huge amounts of money and time into building a brand image and public face. The value of this intangible asset is immense and understandably corporations are very careful in protecting and nurturing this commodity.

  • vydáno: 15.1.2011
  • autor: Stephen Edwards

Motorcycle vs. Scooter vision

The area in front of the stage was packed ten deep with journalists, photographers and interested people all waiting impatiently for things to start. ...

  • vydáno: 21.12.2010
  • autor: Stephen Edwards

Steve´s Corner – Part One of...?

Vítejte v prvním článku naší nové anglicky psané sekce Steve´s Corner, kde si budete moci několikrát do měsíce procvičit angličtinu a zároveň si vychutnat krásný sloh a bohaté zkušenosti motocyklového nadšence Stephena. ...

  • vydáno: 6.12.2010
  • autor: Stephen Edwards
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